Joshua Zimmerman Tanner family

Joshua Zimmerman Tanner
(Joel5, Ephraim4, Frederick3, Christopher2, Robert1)
was born 24 Dec 1830 in Boone County, Ky

Joshua Z. Tanner (son of Joel Tanner b. 1807 and Lydia Crigler b. 1811)
married Frances Jane Snyder on 22 Aug 1852 in Boone County, Ky
She was the daughter of Henry Snyder and Sarah Hincher
She was born 15 Oct 1834.
Frances Jane Snyder5 (Henry T. Snyder4, Robert Snyder3, Adam Snyder2, John Snyder1)

Joshua built his home on Burlington Pike, Florence, Boone County, Ky.
and fired his own brick on his farmland to build his home.

Joshua Z. Tanner died 12 Dec 1895 and wife Frances Tanner died 05 Dec 1915
Both are buried in the Hopeful Lutheran Church Cemetery

from the book "Kentucky: A History of the State" by Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 7th ed.1887
JOSHUA Z. TANNER was born in Boone County, Kentucky, December 24, 1830, and is a son of Joel and Liddie (Crigler) Tanner.
Joshua Z. Tanner was brought up on the farm, and in early life learned the blacksmith's trade with his father, which he has followed at times ever since.
He settled where he now resides in 1874, and in the same year built his two-story brick house.
He has 154 acres of valuable land in the suburbs of Florence, and has been engaged in the milling business of Florence for about two years.
August 22, 1852, he was married to Frances J. Snyder, a daughter of Henry and Sallie (Hincher) Snyder.
To this union nine children have been born, three daughters and six sons: Letty M., William C., Spencer J., Benjamin H., Robert H., Joel A., Fannie, Lena and James P.
Letty M. and William C. are dead.
Mr. and Mrs. Tanner are members of the Lutheran Church. Politically Mr. Tanner is a Democrat.

The 9 Children of Joshua Z. Tanner and Frances Snyder:

William Cornelius Tanner was born abt. 1854 Boone County, Ky; died 22 Apr 1886 Boone County, Ky
He married Emma V. Meyer abt 1860

Julius Spencer Tanner was born 6 Dec 1857 in Boone County, Ky, died 23 Mar 1941 in Kenton County, Ky.
He married Iona C. Riggs

Lettie M. Tanner, born abt. 1858 in Boone County, Ky.; she died as an infant.

Benjamin Harvey Tanner, born 23 Apr 1859 in Boone County, Ky; died 12 Jul 1939 in Booth Hospital, Kenton County, Ky.
He married Eugenia Clutterbuck on 14 Mar 1860 in Florence, Boone Co Ky

Robert Henry Tanner, born 25 Aug 1862 in Boone County, Ky; died 13 Oct 1946 in Florence, Boone County, Ky.
He married Elvira V. Dixon 09 Mar 1887

Joel Angus Tanner, born 21 May 1864 in Boone County, Ky; died 28 Jan 1932 in Boone County, Ky.
He married Mary Etta Clutterbuck Abt. 1884
see pictures and information on his family at bottom of page

Sarah Frances "Fannie" Tanner, born 25 Oct 1866 Boone County, Ky; died 19 Dec 1940 Kenton County, Ky
She married Stonewall Jackson Clutterbuck

Lena Tanner, born Apr 1870 in Boone County, Ky
She married Ezra Keller, minister

James Perry Tanner, born 14 May 1872 Boone County, Ky; died 27 May 1952 Boone County, Ky
She married Clara _____

Photo of Frances Jane (nee Snyder) Tanner (wife of Joshua Z. Tanner)
and seven of their children

Front row left to right :
1. Julius Spencer Tanner, 2. Francis Jane (nee Snyder) Tanner (mother), 3. Benjamin Harvey Tanner

Back row left to right :
1. Robert Henry 'Hank' Tanner, 2. Lena Tanner Keller, 3. James Perry Tanner
4. Sarah Frances Tanner Clutterbuck, 5. Joel Angus Tanner

The below 2 pictures were both taken
at the home of Wallace J. Tanner on Burlington Pike, Florence, Ky.

Above picture is of
Joshua's Zimmerman's surviving Children and their spouses
Left to Right:
Henry Tanner with wife Ella sitting in front of him
Harvey Tanner with wife Jean sitting in front of him
Joel Angus Tanner with wife Mary sitting in front of him
Jim Tanner with wife Clara sitting in front of him
Fannie Clutterbuck (daughter of Joshua Z. Tanner) standing
with Emma V. Rouse Tanner (wife of Wm. Cornelius Tanner, deceased) sitting and looking right
Spencer Tanner with wife Anna Tanner sitting in front of him

The above picture was taken the same day, same persons except has the below two persons added:
standing at far left: Wallace J. Tanner
Wallace Tanner was the son of William Cornelius Tanner (son of Joshua Z. Tanner who had died at 30 yrs. old)
standing at far right: Ora Tanner (wife of Wallace J. Tanner)

Photo of Joel Angus Tanner7 b. 21 May 1864; d. 28 Jan 1932

More about son Joel Angus Tanner b.1864

(Joshua Z.6, Joel5, Ephraim4, Frederick3, Christopher2, Robert1)

Joel married Mary Etta Clutterbuck.

Photo of Mary Etta (nee Clutterbuck) Tanner b. 21 Mar 1865; d. 25 Jul 1941.

Joel Angus Tanner and wife Mary Etta Clutterbuck had 9 children:

1. Alva Agnes Tanner b. 21 May 1888; d. 14 Jun 1924
maried Ira Walton, no children

2. Harvey Lawrence b.18 Feb 1890; died in infancy

3. Stanley Jackson b. 20 Apr 1892; died in infancy

4. Beulah Mae Tanner b. 2 Jun 1893
married Willie Tupman
five children: William Lynn, Mary Elevena, Ardelle, Alva Mae, and James Vernon

5. Kitty Frances Tanner b. 25 Dec 1895; d. 12 Mar 1995
married George Darby
four children: John Robert, Flora Mae, George Alan, and Kittie Francis

6. James Kenneth Tanner b. 17 Mar 1898; d. 1937
married Belle Long
five children: James Frances, Wallace Earl, Marvin, Leila Margot, Joe Keller

7. Lucy Eugenia Alllie Tanner b. 19 Dec 1901; d. 27 Aug 1989, had one child

8. Mary Geneva Tanner b. 8 May 1906; d. 8 Oct 1983
married Clyde Newton Arnold
had three children

9. Mabel Iantha Tanner b. 5 Jul 1907; d. 14 Nov 1957, no children

Photo of Joel Angus Tanner family

Front row left to right :
1.Mary Geneva Tanner 1906-1983 (married Clyde Arnold), 2.Joel Angus Tanner 1840-1933, 3.Mabel Iantha Tanner 1907-1957,
4.Mary Etta Clutterbuck, 1865-1941, wife of Joel Angus Tanner, 5.Lucy Eugenia 'Genie' Tanner 1901-1989

Back row left to right :
1.Alva Agnes Tanner 1888-1924, married Ira Walton, 2.Beulah Mae Tanner b.1893, married Willie Tupman,
3.Kitty Frances Tanner 1895-1995, married George Darby, 4.James Kenneth Tanner 1898-1937, married Belle Long

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