Family of James Tanner 1802 - 1883 and wife Sarah Rouse 1800 - 1882

front row: James Tanner 1802 - 1883 and wife Sarah Rouse 1800 - 1882
mother and father of Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck

back row: Ruben Clutterbuck and wife Julia Frances Tanner

James Tanner 6 (Michael5, Michael4, Christopher3, Christopher2, Robert1) was born 13 Feb 1802 VA; died 4 Mar 1883 at 81 years old

James Tanner married Sarah Rouse.
She was born 13 Dec 1800 VA; died 27 Dec 1882 at 82 years old

James and Sarah had 5 children:

1. Jemima Tanner born in VA abt. 1822, married Albert Popham 10 Nov 1842.
Thought to be buried on Haines Oil property on US 42, Florence, Boone Co., Ky.

2. Elizabeth Tanner born 13 Aug 1827; died 28 Jul 1910 at 83 yrs old
1st husband - married Robinson Crisler
2nd husband - married on 22 Nov 1857 to Ephraim Aylor b. 26 Nov 1805; d. 14 Jun 1868 at 63 yrs. old

3. Ephraim Tanner b. 1825; married Mary B. Bowman from Ohio on 18 Sep 1849

4. Sarah Ann Tanner b. 1838; married Joe Brown; last known still living in 1933 at age 94.

5. Julia Frances Tanner b. 13 Mar 1840; married Ruben Clutterbuck 30 Oct 1856; died 1933 at age 93

More on their daughter Julia Frances Tanner b. 1840 that married Ruben Clutterbuck.

Julia (nee Tanner) and Ruben Clutterbuck are both buried in the Clutterbuck Cemetery on Airport Property, Boone County, Ky.

They had 11 children:

1. Anna Bell Clutterbuck b. 29 Dec 1857; d. 1949 at age 92
Anna married a Baker. Note: She was the grandmother of George 'Doc' Baker

2. Eugenia Clutterbuck b. 14 Mar 1860; d. 1930 at age 70.
married Benjamin Harvey Tanner (brother of Joel Angus Tanner).
Had no children.

3. Stonewall Jackson Clutterbuck (pictured above) b. 29 Aug 1862; d. 1891 at age 29.
married Sarah "Fannie" Frances Tanner (Joshua Z. Tanner6, Joel Tanner5, Ephraim Tanner4, Frederick Tanner3, Christopher Tanner , Sr.2, Robert Tanner1)
They had 2 children; a son Carl Clutterbuck born 1886 KY, and a daughter Emma Clutterbuck born Feb 1888 KY who married Lloyd Aylor.

Below is photo of Carl Clutterbuck b. 1886 and his wife Kathryn

4. Mary Etta Clutterbuck b. 21 Mar 1865; d. 25 Jul 1941 at age 76.
married Joel Angus Tanner b. 21 May 1864; d. 28 Jan 1932.
They had 9 children: Alva Agnes, Harvey Lawrence, Stanley Jackson, Beulah Mae, Kitty Frances, James Kenneth, Lucy Eugenia Allie, Mary Geneva, and Mabel Iantha.

5. James Albert Clutterbuck b. 30 May 1868; d. 1907 at age 39. Never married
Died of a gunshot wound by a man named John Meeks

6. Robert Clutterbuck b. 23 Jan 1871; d. 1936 at age 65.
married Denna Eichman. Had one son Robert Jr.

7. Melinda Margaret Clutterbuck b. 23 May 1873; d. 1958 at age 85
married an Evans and had 2 daughters. Lived in Kansas.

8. Milton Clinton Clutterbuck b. 17 Nov 1875; d. 1953 at age 78.
married Nannie Tanner (Wash Tanner's daughter?).
Had 2 son John, called 'Jack' Clutterbuck

9. Benjamin Harvey Clutterbuck b. 10 Mar 1879; d. 1948 at age 69. Wife's name? Had 1 son

10. Sarah 'Sallie' Clutterbuck b. 20 Mar 1882; d. 16 Oct 1964 at age 82. married Hal Highhouse, no children.

11. Eva Lucy Clutterbuck b. 2 Aug 1884; d. 23 Jan 1962 at age 78.
married Ed Osborn, no children.
Buried at Florence, Boone, Ky. cemetery.

Newspaper article of Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck

see more photos at bottom of page of Julia and her family

Mary Etta Clutterbuck was born 1865 to parents Ruben Clutterbuck and Julia Frances Tanner
Mary Etta is pictured here on the lap of her mother.
ca. 1865

Photo of Mary Etta (nee Clutterbuck) Tanner.

Mary Etta Clutterbuck married Joel Angus Tanner.

Photo of Joel Angus Tanner b. 21 May 1864; d. 28 Jan 1932

click here for more information on the family of Joel Angus Tanner

Photo of Mary Etta (nee Cluttbuck) Tanner with her daughters

More photos of Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck b. 1840 d.1933

1910 Reunion Picture

Back Row on porch from left to right:

1.small girl? 2.Kitty Tanner(married George Darby) 3.Willie Tupman 4.Beulah Tanner 5.Ira Walton 6.Agnes Tanner 7.? 8.?
9.Emma Clutterbuck(married Lloyd Aylor) 10.Eugena Clutterbuck (married Benjamin Harve Tanner)
11. Kathryn Clutterbuck (wife of Carl Clutterbuck) 12.? 13.? 14.? 15.?

Middle Row from left to right:

1.___ Baker 2. ___ Baker 3.? 4.? 5.? 6.? 7.young boy? 8.? 9.? 10.Kenneth Tanner 11.Behind Kenneth Tanner is George Darby
12.? 13.Hal Highhouse 14.Joel Angus Tanner 15.Lloyd Aylor 16.? 17.Clint Clutterbuck 18.Carl Clutterbuck 19.Benjamin Harve Tanner
20.Julis Spencer Tanner 21.James Robert Clutterbuck 22.Benjamin Clutterbuck 23.? 24.Ezra Keller (preacher who married Lena Tanner)

Front Row sitting in chairs from left to right:

1.? 2.Sarah Frances Tanner (married Stonewall Jackson Clutterbuck) 3.Eva Clutterbuck 4.Mary Etta Clutterbuck 5.? 6.? 7.Melinda Clutterbuck
8.Emma Rouse Tanner 9.Sarah 'Sallie' Clutterbuck 10. Julia Frances Tanner Clutterbuck holding Evelyn Aylor
11.Sarah Ann Tanner (married Joel Brown) 12.Jemima Tanner married a Popham
13.Elizabeth (need Tanner) Crisler Aylor 14.Anna Clutterbuck married a Baker
15.Deena (John Robert Clutterbuck's wife) 16.? 17.wife of Benjamin Tanner
18.? 19.? 20.Lena Tanner married Ezra Keller(preacher)

Children in very front sitting on ground:

1.Genie Tanner holding a baby 2.Mabel Tanner 3.? 4.? 5.? 6.? 7.? 8.Sarah Tanner(married Bill Markesbery) 9.Mary Geneva Tanner(married Clyde Arnold)

Reunion held in 1912 or 1913 at the Clutterbuck home on Price Pike, Florence, Boone Co., Ky.

Grandma Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck (wife of Ruben Clutterbuck) is pictured at the very front left
Grandma Frances Jane (Snyder)Tanner is pictured at the right front, 4th lady down from the front of table (wife of Joshua Zimmerman Tanner)

Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck and her children ~ 1920

Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck and her grandchildren ~ 1920

Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck and her grandchildren and great grandchildren ~ 1920

Sitting on Ground left to right:
1.? 2.Lloyd Winfield Aylor 3.Evelyn Aylor 4.? 5.? 6.?

Middle Row from left to right:
1.Beulah Tanner 2.3.4.Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck with Flora Mae Darby and John Robert Clutterbuck Jr. on her lap 5.John Robert Darby 6.?

Back Row from left to right:
1.Agnes Tanner 2.___Baker 3.Emma Clutterbuck (married Lloyd Aylor) 4.Harve Baker 5.&6.Genie Tanner holding James 7.___Baker
8.&9.Kitty Frances Tanner holding George Allen Darby 10.Mary Geneva Tanner (married Clyde Arnold)
11.&12.Mabel Tanner holding Mary Elvena Tupman

Julia Frances (nee Tanner) Clutterbuck and ? in front of her home

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