The picture is John Thomas and George Ann Easton and their 1 daughter and 7 of their 8 sons.
Maybe this picture was taken on the porch steps of their house in Independence, Kenton County, Ky. ?
I know the man in the 2nd row from the bottom at the far right is my grandfather Ambros Easton.

The elderly couple in the middle is John Thomas Easton and his wife George Ann (her maiden name was Welch).
They both died in November of 1927 so this picture was taken sometime before then.

Bottom row: Omer Easton

2nd row (left to right) : Vollie Easton and Fonnie Easton (the twins),
then John Thomas and George Ann Easton (the parents), Clarence Easton, and Ambros Easton

3rd row (left to right) : Charles Easton, then Mary Abbie Easton, then Everett Easton

4th or top row : don't know who this is? It is not the 8th son Eddie Easton.

The parents of the children:
John Thomas Easton born 3 Apr 1846 in Bullitt County, Ky., died 23 Nov 1927 in Independence, Ky.
and his wife George Ann Welch Easton born 22 Dec 1851 in Ky., died 22 Nov 1927 in Independence, Ky.
(they passed on to heaven just 13 hours apart both of pneumonia)

John Thomas and George Ann Easton did have 8 sons and 1 daughter.
Here are the names of their children in the order of their birth:
- Clarence Thomas Easton born 26 May 1873 (born in Missouri?)
- Ambros Easton born 19 Oct 1874 (born in Missouri?)
- Vollie and Fonnie Easton (twins) born 26 Dec 1876 in Kentucky
- Charles Easton born 17 Nov 1879 in Kentucky
- Mary Abbie Easton (married Johnnie Hays) born 31 Oct 1881 in Kentucky
- Everett J. Easton born 12 Sep 1885 in Kentucky
- William Edward Easton (called Eddie) born 20 Sep 1890 in Kentucky
- Omer Lee Easton born 12 Dec 1893 in Kentucky

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