Nicholas Crigler

born 2 Feb 1794 Madison County VA ~ soldier in the War of 1812
came to Boone County in 1829 at the age of 35 ~ died 18 Jan 1871 Boone County KY

and his wife Sallie Fray

was born 17 Aug 1798 Madison County VA ~ married Nicholas Crigler 18 Jan 1871
came to Boone County in 1829 at the age of 31 ~ died 3 May 1878 Boone County KY

Nicholas Crigler
(Aaron Crigler3, Nicholas Crigler2, Jacob Crigler1)
was born 2 Feb 1794 in Madison County, VA

He married Sarah "Sallie" A. Fray (Ephraim Fray2, John Fray1) on 23 Jan 1816 in Madison County, VA.
She was born 17 Aug 1798 in Madison County, VA to parents Ephraim Fray and Mary Hoffman

Nicholas Crigler died 18 Jan 1871, Boone County, KY.
and wife Sarah 'Sallie" A. Fray died 5 May 1879, Boone County, KY

Children of Nicholas Crigler and Sarah "Sallie" A. Fray are:

i. Moses Fray Crigler was born 19 Jun 1817, and died 17 Apr 1898. He married Ella Morrow.

ii. Ephraim Dutton Crigler was born 25 Apr 1819 in Virginia, and died 1 Aug 1912.

iii. Aaron Henry Crigler was born 15 Nov 1820 in Virginia.

iv. Nancy Margaret Crigler was born 7 Jan 1823 in Kentucky.

v. Sarah A. Crigler was born 19 May 1826.

vi. Mary Katherine Crigler was born 18 Nov 1827.

vii. Silas Jeremiah Crigler was born 9 Jan 1830, and died 18 Dec 1868.
viii. William Albert Crigler was born 14 Mar 1832 in Hebron, Boone County, Kentucky, and died 20 Mar 1906.

ix. Robert Lewis Crigler was born 18 Dec 1834 in Boone County, Kentucky. He married Jessie F. Talbert Jan 1880 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

x. Martha Virginia Crigler was born 3 Jul 1837 in Kentucky.
She married Napoleon Bonapart Stephens on 4 Oct 1855 in Boone County, Ky.
Martha died 21 Feb 1922 in Erlanger, Kenton County, Ky.

xi. Harriet Elizabeth Crigler was born 28 Nov 1839 in Kentucky.

Margaret Crigler Aylor b. 7 Jan 1823 ~ d. 11 Apr 1896
and her husband Johnson Aylor b. 27 Mar 1822 ~ d. 22 Dec 1894

Johnson Aylor
(William Aylor8, Michael Aylor7, Henry Aylor6, Georg Heinrich Íhler5, Hans Jacob Íhler4, Michael Íhler3, Michael Íhler2, Hans Íhler1)
was born abt. 1822 in Ky.

He married Nancy Margaret Crigler (Nicholas Crigler4, Aaron Crigler3, Nicholas Crigler2, Jacob Crigler1) on 21 Dec 1843 in Boone County, Ky
She was born 7 Jan 1823 in Ky. to parents Nicholas Crigler and Sarah "Sallie" A. Fray.

Johnson Aylor is listed as a Farmer on the 1850 and 1860 Boone County, Ky. Federal Census.

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W.Y. Crigler, son of Rev. Jacob Crigler ~ and the 2 daughters of W.Y. Crigler

William Y. Crigler was born 15 Sep 1831 in Boone County, Ky
to parents Rev. Jacob Crigler b.1778 Va and Nellie Ellen Tanner b.1788 Va
William Y. Crigler married Anna White on 20 Dec 1861 in Florence, Boone County, Ky
He died 20 Feb 1894 in Boone County, Ky

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The children of W.Y. Crigler and Anna White are:
Robert H. Crigler 1861-1921
Alice Bessie Crigler 1874-1961
Eleanor 'Nellie' Lee Crigler 1880-1943

The photo above of their two daughters was donated by Jaqi Mitchell Eringman
Eleanor Lee Crigler 1880-1943 (on left in the photo) and Alice Bessie Crigler 1874-1961 (on right in the photo)
Picture estimated to be taken 1883-1884
They are the two daughters of William Y. Crigler and Lucy Ann White.
Both lived in Florence and are both buried in Florence Cemetery.
Bessie is the great grandmother of Jaqi Mitchell Eringman.
Bessie married Frank Taylor Mitchell
and they had 3 children: John Mitchell, Anna Virginia Mitchell, and Frank Taylor Mitchell.
John Mitchell is the grandfather of Jaqi Mitchell Eringman.

Photo of this gravestone donated by Jaqi Mitchell Eringman
Photo of W.Y. Crigler family plot at Florence Cemetery, Florence KY
Note the inscription for W.Y. Crigler and his wife Anna on the front of the gravestone.
On the side of the gravestone, you can see the inscription for his daughter Eleanor Lee Crigler.

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